Sunday, November 18, 2007


When I am between exhibits and have a little extra time to “play”, I like to make things out of ephemera (paper, dried flowers, leaves, feathers, found objects) and assemble them into a story. Usually the story is sappy and sentimental. This would be one of those. They are fragile, precious and temporal.

I leave on Wednesday for a month in Italy--just a couple of days away. The Florence Biennale awaits me! But leaving my husband, who is ill, is not going to be easy. I am ever aware of the fact that each day he and I have together is a gift. Life is fragile, precious and temporal. (But love waxes eternal.) I know that I have been blessed. And I am only a plane trip from home.

I doubt I’ll be posting from over seas. But I am looking forward to making some wonderful paintings when I get back and will post them as they develop. I expect that I will feel inspired.